Lockdown and winter is coming

winter lockdown

Winter is coming and Lockdown is here, once again. An increase in cases of COVID-19 means new lockdown measures have been put into place – as of 5th November there has been a strict protocol to follow. It is highly recommended to stay at home if there’s no reason for you to go out, meaning if you can work, exercise or take classes from home, it is encouraged to do so. 


Even though being locked in your house against your will isn’t great, it is not recommended to use public transport. Under these circumstances, we can take into consideration the rise in electric mobility that we had in our first lockdown, it’s imperative to take these kinds of precautions to ensure our safety and others.


But, as the cold months start here in the UK, we realize we are not the only ones that are a bit resistant to cold. Our vehicles too suffer from low temperatures and they require some special cares to ensure that they are safe to ride. In the spirit of motivating people to get out there and soak that sunshine that our body desperately needs, here are some tips and tricks to help keep your e-transport in tip top condition.


  1. Prevent the battery from dying: Batteries are expensive and cannot be discarded in the trash-they must be recycled, otherwise they pose a threat to the environment. If you stash your electric ride for the winter and pay no attention to the battery, it will go bad for sure. It’s very important to periodically charge it when temps plunge.


  1. Air your tires: When extreme cold days arise and you decide to run your electric ride you should head straight for the gas station to return the tires to proper inflation (usually around 30psi – but check your instruction manual to be sure). Fluctuating temps cause the air inside your tires to expand and contract, often forcing air out and causing your tires to soften. It’s not only dangerous to ride on under-inflated tires, it leads to uneven and premature wear.


  1. Ride it every chance you get: The absolute best thing you can do for your ride is use it! This will keep your fuel system flowing, send a jolt to the battery through the charging system and in general allow the cobwebs to blow out. The more often you can get the ride up to operating temperature through the winter months the less likely major repair works will be required come Spring.


  1. Take it for a check out once in a while: Probably the most important step of all, it is extremely useful to do a full check out service once in a while to see if everything is okay. There are a lot of parts in there, lots of electric things going on, things we can’t really see, understand or repair ourselves, and even though taking care of the basics really help, the deeper the check out, the better. 

Considered an ‘essential service’, OnBoards continues to trade through lockdown – whether you’re looking to upgrade, or your current ride requires some expert attention – we are here for you!


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