Could e-bikes help get a quicker recovery from Covid?


A University of Leeds study has found that electric bikes have the capability to cut car carbon dioxide (C02) emissions in England by up to 50% if used to replace car travel. This could also mean that e-bikes can help get a quicker recovery of covid and our everyday lives faster than we think.


So for us it’s no surprise that we too find another benefit for eBikes. In a world in which our day-to-day reality has changed, we started seeing things from different points of view. We cherish family, we appreciate friends who stay with us, and we understand the difference between what we really need and what we can live without.


On average, for every person using an e-bike to replace all their car journeys, they could save 0.7 tonnes CO2 each year. That’s massive! It leave us with the wondering thought of “why isn’t everyone hopping on an eBike and leaving their car behind?”


All this sounds great, but what about Covid? How can eBikes help us get a quicker recovery? 


CREDS recommend that electric bikes are acknowledged as a “strategically important mode of transport within key transport policy initiatives,” with recovery from COVID19 reducing car dependence as part of carbon reduction programmes.


E-bike promotion schemes and pilot programmes in the government’s COVID19 economic recovery stimulus plan could incentivise the replacement of car travel with electric bikes, say the researchers. Their study charts the benefits for those vulnerable to increasing costs of motoring in areas of low incomes, whilst areas of higher incomes often tend to have high transport C02 emissions, improving both mobility and air quality.


Besides that, riding eBikes can help the amount of essential workers that still have to go out to their jobs. Instead of taking any form of public transport, exposing themselves to the virus in a bigger way, they can ride an eBike and help with diminishing the concentration of people that use public transports.


That way, less people would be inside a small space with difficulty to keep their distance, and more people would be commuting to work, having a gratifying experience riding an eBike and helping the community get a quicker recovery from Covid.


We know that the world is changing and the way we move is not lagging behind. The e-bikes can help get a quicker recovery after the covid and will revolutionize the way we move when the covid ends.


Stay safe, wear a mask, keep your distance and ride an eBike!

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