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Our mission is making the world a better place

We are committed to making the streets and cities a better place, we fiercely believe that more scooters can make boroughs more inclusive, streets with less traffic and cities less polluted. That's why we offer best value for money in the market for our electric bikes and scooters. We consider the best electric folding bikes and electric bikes best also our folding bikes will be faster and less harmful to the environment. Our range includes city and mountain bikes, electric scooters with fat and standard wheels, and a more comfortable type of scooter with seat for a more relaxed ride. Buy now from our wide collection the one that fits you best. We offer the latest models of the best brands in the market. 

On boards provides you with the best brands of folding ebikes on the market. Our folding bikes are all you need on the asphalt, to move around the city without fear of running out of battery.

Folding bikes have a motor as powerful as other bikes so you can use it for long rides and fold it up while storing it somewhere.

Experience your folding electric bike. Now with a more powerful motor and a longer lasting battery.
On boards gives you assistance when you need it. The electric bikes can be folded for storage.
On boards is the folding bike brand you need to experience the ride.

“The continuation of our civilizations and the natural world upon which we depend is in your hands,” Sir David Attenborough

We want to show that bicycles are also for adults. Cycling reduces environmental pollution and improves air quality. Thus improving the quality of life in cities.

If your house does not have space to store a bicycle, think about these folding bicycles. The bikes have been designed to be able to be stored in small spaces. The rear wheels and front wheels can be folded completely, making the bike compact and easy to store.
Electric bikes are more practical than other folding bikes. The lithium battery has a long battery life, so you can travel long distances without worrying about it.

Are you with us?

Let’s embrace the good ideas.

OnBoards Electric Limited – Company Number: 11917471

Established in 2018

Scooters and Bikes

Electric Scooters and Bikes

Electric bikes

The world of transportation is taking a radical turn. Public transportation like trains and buses used to be the cheapest and the most hyped way to get from point A to B. Now they are more expensive than having your means, which increases the need for independent mobility beyond cars, for example, a folding electric bike or an electric scooter. Thanks to current technologies that have changed; electric scooters and bikes are revolutionizing the world. We choose scooters for commuting in big cities to stay out of traffic which also allows you to get to the destination faster. Just stick to the rules and remember that scooters are illegal on footpaths, cycle lanes, or roads. To read our blog post and learn more about scooters' legal warning click here.

Folding electric bikes

Electric folding bikes are easy to use and are environmentally friendly and more sustainable. The practicality an electric bike offers is incomparable. Thanks to their resistant materials, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe trip to your destination. They are lightweight and compact, so you can carry them anywhere. Take a look at the selection of the best folding bikes in our store and get your pro electric scooter now. A folding electric scooter also comes with a very easy-to-handle folding mechanism. 

We have scooters with seats and electric scooters for adults and kids for you to check out and find the perfect one that best adapts to your needs.

Electric Bikes Shop London

When buying an electric bike, you have to make sure that the store assists whenever you need it and that they can solve any problem you might have with typical wear and tear issues, accidents and other repair needs such as electric bike batteries, rack, and mudguards, rear rack fenders, hub motor, and rear lights and other possible issues that might occur of course depending on how or how much you ride. 

Our portable folding bikes come with excellent quality seats, long-range battery, adjustable handlebar, dual braking system, and compact motor and are easy to use. Best folding electric bikes in all aspects. Enjoy long-distance travel with a high-resistance and easy-to-change front wheel. We have delivered all accessories.

The lightest most compact pro folding electric scooter you can buy on OnBoards, whether you need the best scooter with a powerful battery or a simple scooter max speed, you can contact us to get help to choose the best off-road electric scooter that is designed for heavier adults.

Electric Scooters Shop London

A portable electric folding scooter is perfect for riding in the streets of London. Having your means being able to go wherever you want whenever you want. Waterproof electric scooters might be the choice for a city like London. What are you waiting for to get yours from our ample selection of electric folding bikes? A folding electric scooter for adults is the best option for you. Take a look at our Xiaomi m365 pro. A folding electric scooter allows you to carry it with you in your car and store it comfortably. Most portable electric scooters, if not all folding electric scooters, fit in the trunk of most cars. For easy storage, it also comes with an additional screw system to lock solidly into place thanks to the folding mechanism. 

Our store always provides the best possible service for your comfort and offers you the electric scooter and bike that best suits your needs. We have a wide range of available models that you can view in the shop. The practicality and comfort that a folding electric bike offers when traveling from one point to another are unmatched. The lightest electric scooters are an indispensable asset for your daily commute, just fold and carry when you arrive. Check out our models like the Neo 8 if you're looking for something light. These scooters come with compactness and power in one package. You need the lightest and most compact bikes and travel mobility scooters to make your ride hassle-free. 

Electric folding mobility scooters offer you a fast and comfortable ride. Check out our scooters with riser recliner seats. 

Our long-range batteries can provide a smooth ride to make most of your electric folding bikes. Folding bikes are great for daily use. They have front and rear led lights with vat relief and dual motor for more power which can be more than enough for a city ride. 

If you want to go off-road like on a cross-country mountain adventure, you need the most comfortable electric scooter with different riding modes to make your ride safe and enjoyable, so what you need is an electric scooter with a rear drum brake and resistant tires that also protect against water.

Consider buying a folding electric scooter because these types of electric scooters are the most compact, and are ideal for limited spaces. Find your electric scooter in our shop. 

The folding electric scooters for adults are the best folding electric scooters thanks to their high-quality materials, lithium-ion battery, and high top speed for increased safety. The folding electric scooters for kids are the best folding electric scooters that you can find in terms of safety and comfort. 

Adult scooters are essential electric scooters; here at OnBoards, we have carefully selected these scooters designed by top brands. The Evo suspension commuter scooter for larger feet is comfortable for adults. Take a look at all the electric scooters in our shop. 

The Best Folding Scooter

The most common folding electric scooters come with a rear hub motor, the motor provides conserve battery life, while electric scooters have a front hub motor. Our electric folding scooters have top reviews. The latest version of the fat wheels has bigger wheels and although it's not the lightest option out there, the bike can tolerate any type of terrain and offers excellent resistance. These scooters are made for rough roads and paths. The only downside of these electric scooters with fat tires is their weight, as mentioned. Read more on the lightest folding scooters on our website, if what you're looking for is lightweight electric scooters, and you can watch our electric bike review now from amazon. 

With high price high quality, you can get the best electric scooters. The adult electric scooter for heavy riders has to be resistant. 

The best folding electric bikes are here, in OnBoards, where the motor and battery and motor of the bike and the wheels are the most resistant. A foldable electric scooter that doesn't have the best parts is very dangerous.  The folded size is very important so you can carry your bike in your car without problems. The electric folding bike with fat wheels is considerably heavier, so get them tried and tested.

The scooters' max speed is impressive, and the braking system and riser recliner chairs can get you the most comfortable experience that portable electric scooters can provide. If your bike has smaller batteries, you may need to get a heavy-duty travel case because you won't get too far. Always check that the hydraulic disc brakes are in good condition. 

See the details of your future segway, scooter or bike online in our store. Here you can find every new black scooter are you looking with a great cost. 

Choose our range of scooters that are perfect for your lifestyle. Live the best experience while riding in the city or in the mountains.
Foldable scooters can be easily transported by car. You can store more than one, yours and the kids electric scooter.

The most popular essential electric scooter you can view all electric scooters legal in our store. The best brands including for your electric bike. Get private land with the electric scooter black for towns and cities, scooters from some regular price £499 of your onboards folding electric bike.

Lithium electric scooters are the best scooters for all ages. Not only children will experience this safe means of transport, there are also adult electric scooters for all ages.
This form of transport is comfortable, economical and healthy. Save on petrol, taxi or bus fares and get a scooter with which you can spread the cost in easy instalments thanks to Flexible payments methods.

We know that you want to get the control of the mobility scooter folding with lithium battery, inch pneumatic tires and chairs high seat, the most compact folding scooter are ideal for storage and transportation easy, they have smaller batteries for easier transport.

If you are looking for bikes and portable electric scooter, with the ultimate tecnology with stuff like:

  • Rear foot brake and rear suspension
  • Brake rear foot and rear spring
  • Waterproof electric scooters 
  • Rear drum brake and rear hydraulic



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