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  • Removable Panasonic battery that goes safely inside its frame
  • Disc, electronic and foot brake
  • Superior colour LCD screen display
  • Inflatable tubeless tyres, less punctures
  • Get an extra battery and extend your journey!
  • Fold and jump on to the train. Unfold and make your next meeting

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1 review for ONBOARDS X7

  1. Dale Wilkins

    This X7 electric scooter is brilliant and impressed me so much and was so good I bought another for my girlfriend and covered many miles while visiting loads of towns in France, Belgium,, Spain and Portugal. FYI We did use them too in Koln in Germany until the police informed us we needed liability insurance and a registration plate fitted (€30) , we were let off with a warning and used them back to hotel with only leg power. They have been great to see a whole town or scoot to next seaside town easily on the coasts of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain as there are lovely dedicated paths. We usually cruise at 12mph. Easily used, folded or complete on buses, trams and trains. The lights are good enough to drive back to hotels or camp sites after dark. Even with a flat battery they are easy to scoot with as they freewheel and ‘regenerate’ the battery at the same time if powered on.

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